If you’ve landed on this page the chances are you’ve been considering coaching for awhile.

You’ve been considering filling out this app and saying YES LET’S DO THIS. But for whatever reason, you haven’t filled it out just yet. I get it. I waited 6 months! But I know something is holding you back.

Well, I’m here to tell you that what you're hesitant about is all in your head. I was worried about so many things, but none of the things that held me back have been a barrier.  This is the best decision I've made (other than marrying my husband).


We all have them, it’s completely normal and natural to feel those things before taking any kind of HUGE step.  However, the steps that feel the biggest, have the best rewards. The feeling you’re going to get when your first client tells you that YOU made their life better – that you HELPED them in a way they never knew possible. That’s why you want to push through those fears of “will I be good at this?” and tell yourself “YES I WILL.”

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